Volunteers Tourism

Nepal, the country of great fascinations and wonders with varied destinations and interest within the shade of giant Himalayan Mountains and exploring the local rich culture and traditions as it exists since past hundred of centuries.

Most popular activities in Nepal is adventure tourism and visiting its ancient monuments with heritage tours, besides a vast range of trekking and other destinations where View Nepal has come up with great new ideas where you can join in our volunteer tourism in Nepal.

Volunteer Tourism in Nepal will be a great effort where you can help and support for the benefit of the local rural villagers adding a token of friendship and goodwill through various ways that you can uplift the standard of poor farm villages and its people.

There are various means and ways that one can extend help and support with our volunteer tourism in Nepal with charity for the welfare of the needy villages and schools which involve hygiene and sanitation, planting trees and other vegetation blending well with its local environment.

Helping and providing clean drinking water from nearby river, stream or spring water.Volunteer Tourism in Nepal will generate revenue in the country's dwindling economy where you feel in high spirit on lending help support to rural villages and schools.